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Carola Sarrasin

Certified speaker
  • Founder of the Thailand 2009 project – Grabovoi® Center in Chiang Mai.
  • Founder of the “Harmonious Development Co., Ltd” project in 2014, at the request of Grigori Grabovoi.


Certified speaker as part of Dr Grabovoi’s global university programme since 2014. Carola has been studying Grigori Grabovoi’s teachings since 2008, and has been teaching them in multiple languages to a vast circle of interested people around the world since 2010. This time was preceded by 30 years of professional experience with the first German television channel, of which the last 17 years were spent as director of news programming. “The lack of honesty that prevailed there led me towards the truth: the jewel of the universal knowledge of God and of the world”.

1er contact avec Grigori Grabovoi

In 2014, via Skype.

Histoire que vous aimeriez raconter sur Grigori Grabovoï

As I sat in Belgrade in front of a pile of contracts, I sadly said to myself: Thailand is still not here. Grigori Grabovoi went through all the pages in 3 minutes, then got right to the heart of the matter by telling me, in German: add “and Thailand” here. I was so blown away by his perfect pronunciation that I had to have him repeat it three times. As we shared a smile, I pencilled in the words: “and Thailand”.

Réussite de Contrôle

Physically: throughout the entire body. Recovery after serious accidents (broken spine, dislocated knee); restoration of vision from very low (8%) to near-normal; return of grey hair to its natural colour; other rejuvenation and healing.

Events: sale of an apartment in Tenerife in 7 days to raise the necessary funds to launch the Thailand Project. Website launch and collaboration with exclusively Thai people, despite not speaking their language. Management of Project Thailand and the society since 2009, made up of more than 4,000 participants and producing countless positive results (growth of teeth/organs, transformation of metal in the body, and many favourable events).

The PRK-1U has been operating continuously since March 2020, and COVID has not really reached Chiang Mai.