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Grigori Grabovoi

Doctorate in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Guest of Honor

Inventor of the PRK-1U device


Grigori Petrovich Grabovoy was born on 14 November 1963 in Kazakhstan.

A student at the University of Tashkent in Uzbekistan, at 23 he obtains his doctorate in applied mathematics and mechanics.
In the field of science, he completes a long list of titles and certifications in many technical specialties, physicomathematics and astronautical technologies.

Discoverer, he is distinguished by extraordinary skills. He masters information control and makes brilliant predictions. The precision of his formulas and diagnostic results are internationally recognized.

He also explores biology and bioinformatics to express mankind’s place in the universe, integrating this approach of scientific logic with the definition of life’s fundamental structures.


He explains that the human mind emits a light biosignal, condensed information. Describing this signal in its quantum wave nature, he proves that by modulating the intensity of the biosignal through concentration, we can act on matter.
Committed to preventing disasters in our world, he teaches how humans are able to generate life-saving solutions by controlling the information.

Grigori Grabovoi’s documented results on accurate extrasensory diagnosis, advance control of events through biosignals generation and emanation of thoughts are described in “The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation.” Volume 1 to 3.
Continuing his work, he designed and created a quantum device, the PRK-1U, to assist us more effectively in our development and in the materialization of desired events.

This PRK-1U device is a technological learning invention, both patented and accredited by three ISO certifications and the registered trademarks GRABOVOI® and GRIGORI GRABOVOI®.


No less than 500 works support this scientific-humanist enlightment.

Some are listed in the Copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress, and primary titles are available in 18 languages.
Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching includes concentration methods associated with the PRK-1U device, to develop our perceptual capacities and structure our consciousness, step by step, for optimal development of each individual and all of humanity.

Today, educational activities are organized from his Educational Center for Grigory Grabovoi’s Education Program in Belgrade, Serbia. The devices are distributed on every continent; the PRK-1U is universal.


Seeing what everyone was seeing, he was saying what everyone was thinking deep down. However, he kept it to himself at first. Then he began to say it out loud and people followed him.

Extraterrestrial. The end of the world will not happen, 2002

Grigori Grabovoi presents the true image of the world in a humanist and eminently scientific approach. He teaches us how to acquire knowledge and how to interact with the elements of the world on the level of our conscious perceptions. To help us in our perpetual development, he created the PRK-1U Eternal Life Technology, to achieve our results in our perception of reality.

“I view life as an eternal structure, as much in the moment I am speaking to you as in some other period of time. We must accumulate the light from the life of all beings who have not yet started their life to enable the light to develop further in the construction of the transformed collective consciousness. In this collective consciousness, all are eternally alive while space and events ensure eternal life for all living beings. To achieve this objective, it is important to use specific technical systems that enable development of each person’s human consciousness.”

Grigori Grabovoi’s Teaching about God. How to obtain forward-looking information oriented towards eternal life and to create technologies of eternal life, Sarlat Conference, 2018