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Teoh Seok Hean

Certified teacher
  • Managing director of Technologies of Eternal Development Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • Certified teacher and consultant at the Education Center on the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi (Belgrade), from 2016 to 2021


Qualified specialist in the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, RS 607, 17 March 2018
Student of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi since 2013
Speaker at seminars and webinars on behalf of the Grigori Grabovoi Education Center
Main speaker on the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi in Singapore and Malaysia on behalf of Technologies of Eternal Development Pte Ltd.
Honours graduate from the University of Brighton, United Kingdom, 1991

1er contact avec Grigori Grabovoi

I first heard about Grigori Grabovoi in 2012 when I turned to diet and exercise for my cancer diagnosis. This diagnosis caused serious damage to my mental health, and I felt lost and without a future. In January 2013, I was desperately seeking help, as I didn’t want to be addicted to psychiatric drugs. I bought the first volume of Grigori Grabovoi’s book on the number series for psychological normalisation. After 3 months of intensive practice on number series, I had regained my sanity and my love of life. That was my first encounter with Grigori Grabovoi.

Histoire que vous aimeriez raconter sur Grigori Grabovoï

I like to say that Grigori Grabovoi and his teaching saved my life. I personally recovered from a very serious mental illness by normalising my experiences using his books “Number Series for Psychological Normalization” and “Extraterrestrial. Doomsday Is Not Going to Happen”.

I was suffering from severe psychosis, and if I had not used Grigori Grabovoi’s knowledge, I would probably have been hospitalised for my mental health. At the time, I didn’t know much about him or his work on “The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”. Many people are reluctant to try something like number series. They want to understand Grabovoi’s process before they even try, even if they are very unwell or living an unhappy life. Sometimes you just have to try, because Grigori Grabovoi’s methods are based on the “usual laws of thinking.” There is no risk of harm. By not trying, you are missing out on an opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life.

Fortunately, I was able to make a leap of faith without getting caught up in religion, science or logic. I practised diligently for three months. I read the book from cover to cover, focusing on the three pages devoted to neurosis. As the days passed, I continued to make progress, and could hardly believe that it was so simple. I still wasn’t sure who Grabovoi was, so I bought another book called “Extraterrestrial. Doomsday Is Not Going to Happen”. As I read the book, my tears started to flow, washing away the years of irrelevant information that filled my consciousness. My ideas about death, my low self-esteem, and my doubts about God and our purpose as human beings were all changing. I asked myself: Who is Grigori Grabovoi? ». How is he able to heal me and restore harmony, allowing me to continue living in a special way with the knowledge of eternal life? Why do I see bands of light every time I touch his books?

I started to fight for eternal life, understanding that our calling is to be eternal and to bring eternity to the world. I received this deep understanding of our true path from Grigori Grabovoi. Moreover, a concrete and systematic training system makes it easier for each person in turn, as more and more people decide to follow this path. I would like to thank Grigori Grabovoi; he already knows what he means to me, because I live my existence according to his teachings. I know he sees the light of my soul, my mind and my conscience, ensuring eternal life for me and for everyone. The best way I can thank him is by dedicating my life to practising “salvation and harmonious development”. I hope you will join us on this journey.

Réussite de Contrôle

I, Teoh Seok Hean,
have conducted work in accordance with Grigori Grabovoi’s control forecast. We applied a series of numbers, 218848784, to prevent threats from space objects, which we received from Grigori Grabovoi on 16 July 2017. Each of us worked on this series of numbers on a daily basis.
From the date that we received the series, we organised regular webinars on the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. These sessions were held according to the schedule, hosted on the exclusive training platform for graduates of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.
The test was carried out using this series of numbers by the whole group of students during the webinar. The graduates who attended the training were also encouraged to work independently on this series of numbers, with the objective of “preventing threats from space objects”. There are video recordings of the webinars of 18 and 22 July 2017, in which Elizabeta Bobnar Najžer and Teoh Seok Hean conducted collaborative work on a series of numbers to prevent threats from space objects (218848784). This series was communicated to numerous students of Grigori Grabovoi, who worked on it in order to circumvent this danger.

Confirmation of forecasts and results: between 25 and 31 July 2017, the following information was published on the internet:

“Close Shave From An Undetected Asteroid”
Author: Eddie Irizarry, SPACE | 25 July 2017
“A space rock now designated as asteroid 2017 OO1 was detected on July 23, 2017 from the ATLAS-MLO telescope at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. An analysis of its trajectory revealed it had been closest to Earth on July 20 at 11:33 pm EDT (July 21, 03:33 UTC). This means the asteroid’s closest approach occurred 2.5 to 3 days before it was seen. Asteroid 2017 OO1’s flyby had passed at about one-third the Earth-moon distance, or about 76,448 miles (123,031 km).”


“An asteroid passed right by Earth, and we only spotted it three days later.”
“On 20 July, asteroid 2017 001 came within 123,031 kilometres (76,448 miles) of Earth. The object was approximately 37 to 77 metres (121 to 252 feet) in diameter and was moving at 6.4 miles per second by the time it passed through our orbit.
And we didn’t spot it until 23 July. Thanks to the ATLAS-MLO telescope in Hawaii, data has been revealed which shows just how close the object came.”


“A recently discovered asteroid, designated as 2017 OO1, passed Earth at a distance of just 0.33 LD (~125,720 km, or 78,740 miles) at 02:27 UTC on 21 July 2017. It was only discovered two days after its close flyby.”

As these media reports explain, the asteroid’s journey past Earth was only detected two and a half days (23 July 2017) after its closest approach on 20 July 2017. However, Grigori Grabovoi had issued a control forecast on 15 July 2017, by applying the control method to prevent threats from celestial objects, on which his students and followers immediately set to work. As usual, Grigori Grabovoi did not simply issue a forecast, but also provided a control forecast and a working method, thanks to which the Earth avoided the danger associated with an asteroid coming within very close proximity. We thank Grigori Grabovoi for his teachings and his work, which offer salvation, harmonious development and eternal life to one and all.