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Sunday, August 8, from 10 AM to 8 PM CET

#About the Convention

The biggest

event of the year

A whole day together

On the theme: The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation.

Grigori Grabovoi: Guest of Honor

Grigory Grabovoi will honor us with his presence.


What is the PRK-1U Online World Convention 2021?

Since August 2020, on the 8th of every month, Patrice Vernay, founder of prk-1u.com, and certified teacher Grigori Grabovoi, have been hosting an online event of collective concentrations, called the "PRK-1U Online World Meeting”, with international certified teachers.

Since the 1st edition, more than 11 speakers have taken part in these concentrations translated into 12 languages.

These monthly meetings made it possible to explore key themes of Grigori Grabovoi's teachings to prepare us to meet him during the 1st PRK-1U Online World Convention.

This major event, scheduled on the 8th day of the 8th month, a highly symbolic date, will be experienced with Grigory Grabovoi.


10 hours of live connection

A day punctuated by concentrations with the remote PRK-1U which, with your presence in large numbers (nearly 17,000 expected!), promises to be an intense and rich experience.

This premiere and grand event will focus on the theme:
The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation.

#Live translation

An international event

Our events are broadcast live in 12 languages for your convenience thanks to our international translators. You will be able to choose your preferred language during the event: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian

“... It is possible to achieve and implement control through the structure of consciousness, both practically and theoretically, and with the help of certain devices. This is also proven by fundamental mathematics. Consciousness is the very element that can prevent an accident from any distance, if we follow this logic, in the systems of different countries as in various political systems, that the technologies of destruction are produced by terrorists or by governments. In this way, there is no doubt that technologies aimed at developing individual consciousness are the only tool that guarantee true salvation and infinite development.”

Irrational Methods of Prevention of Global Catastrophic Processes Posing a Threat to the Entire World, 2001

“... My science is built on principles aimed at achieving concrete results by performing creative acts and exercising absolute control over each of these acts. My science, a science of salvation, aims to achieve salvation while at the same time change the present reality.”

“This is why we can formulate the essence of true science in the following way: knowing how to study, knowing how to control and knowing how to obtain results without interference in the state of the object of the study and, sometimes, without any contact with the object of the study.”

The Resurrection and Eternal Life Are Now Our Reality, 2001

# 08 08 2021

Join now to attend

“The technologies of preventive forecasting to ensure a safe development are designed for all readers, regardless of their perceptions of education, society and religion.”

Unified System of Knowledge, 1996


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